ccg mining sign up
ccg mining sign up

Mobile Mining Apps

Here we list the best and most trusted mobile mining apps around for you try. These mobile mining apps we list all have easy withdrawals and as a bonus you can also earn more crypto with their referral programmes. There are many different cryptocurrencies to mine these days apart from bitcoin which is hard to mine, such as monero as a example.

Quick Look

Pi Network

pi network mining

Pi Network app lets you mine Pi for free on your smartphone without wasting your data or battery. Soon to be on main-net so you should join now while you can still mine for free. This app allows you to grow your Pi holdings and serves as a wallet to host your digital assets.

Pi is a new digital currency being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs. Pi Network is a digital currency project that aims to let crypto be more accessible to normal everyday people. Pi Network started in 2019. It has a wide global community and it is looking like it will be a very big project with over 22 million active users so far at time of writing.

When signing up if you are asked for a referral code. Type "Baker2020" without the quotes.


stormgain mining sign up

StormGain is one of the best mining apps you will get on your smartphone. First, sign up to start mining BTC. After you register, go to the dedicated Bitcoin Miner page. Hit the big green 'Activate' button to get your first mining reward after 4 hours. Repeat the operation while increasing your mining speed by trading or exchanging cryptocurrency on StormGain's value proposition provides risk-free cloud mining opportunities since all mining is done through remote cloud servers.

Customers must install the StormGain app on their smartphones or download the desktop version. The mining rewards and daily income are proportional to users' trading volume, with a limit of BTC 0.0318 per day. StormGains cloud miner distributes the rewards based on the number of people with a stake in the product. The winnings are distributed every 30-40 minutes and the transfer to the user’s trading account is made in less than 72 hours.


cryptotab mining sign up

Install CryptoTab browser and get real Bitcoins for using it. Your earnings will keep growing as long as you're watching YouTube, reading news and using your social network accounts daily. Crypto come in a couple of apps; there is CryptoTab Browser lite which is free and CryptoTab Browser Pro Level has a cost of $1.99 and comes with providing you with all the tools to explore and navigate the google play store.

You can try CryptoTab, the world's first browser with mining features and it works on desktop (Windows & Mac) or smartphone (Android & iPhone/iPad). CryptoTab's mining algorithm delivers high-speed performance without slowing down the device. Import bookmarks, history, passwords, and settings from Google Chrome, all you need to do is click activate mining and use the crypto tab browser to earn bitcoin.


cryptocards sign up

Crypto Cards is a Phoneum digital trading card collectibles game. Phoneum (PHT) is a mobile-only Tron (TRX) based token, you will be able to earn PHT tokens from the app. Utilize your PHT by depositing it to open booster packs containing common, rare, epic, and legendary types of cards to complete your Album. Complete missions, play the daily minigame and spin the wheel along the way to filling your Album for additional reward and trade with other players.

Let the Crypto Cards collecting begin! Enter invitation code: t3amhzac and get 200 PHT crypto and 200 XP Bonus instantly after signing up.

Hi Dollars

hi dollar sign up

When you sign you will get free Hi Dollar coins. Hi Dollars is currently in beta and you can register and Receive Hi Dollar (free every day) by simply clicking a button. Hi Dollar coin will soon be listed on Uniswap. Founded by former CEO Stefan Rust and former CMO Sean Rach, this team is comprised of leading figures from the world's leading technology and finance companies including Tencent, Alibaba, JP Morgan. and Morgan Stanley.

Comparing other mobile mining apps we have seen in the past, Hi Dollars differs in its mission and stands out because of the experienced people behind the project. So if you want free Hi Dollar coins, just sign up. When you sign up If you are asked to enter a referral code, enter "4723sdav" (no quotes).


geocash sign up

If you want to earn free GEO tokens daily for free this app is for you. GeoCash is a data collector app that allows any user around the world to share their private and anonymous data with GeoDB’s Data Sharing Ecosystem while being rewarded with GEO tokens on a daily basis.You own your data, and you have the right to store, share, use and sell it at your sole discretion.

GeoCash has been created so that you can finally truly execute your rights. All of the data shared in the app will be entirely anonymised, and no one will be able to track you or impact you with annoying advertisements. You will finally be compensated for your data and you will be able to use your GEOs in exchange for services or for other market tokens.

During sign up if you are asked to enter a referral code, enter "KK2022_BNYBCJ" (no quotes).

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