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Earn Free Crypto

We list the best and most trusted ways of earning free Cryptocurrency on the web. Such as faucets, mining software, airdrops, ptc sites, cryptocurrency exchanges promotions and much more. So come on in and start earning.

If your new to crypto, check our guides here.

Best Faucets

best faucets

Here we list the best and most trusted Faucets around for you to earn free cryptocurrency. These faucets we list all have easy withdrawals. Faucets are where you can get very small amounts of crypto, but those small amounts can accumulate and you have yourself a small fortune.

Best PTC Sites

best ptc exchanges

Here we list the best and most trusted Paid to click websites around for you to earn cryptocurrency. Just get paid to click its simple from viewing websites to advertisments and more. These we list all have easy withdrawals.

Best PC Mining Software


Here we list the best and most trusted mining sites around for you try. These Mining sites we list all have easy withdrawals. You can download the software to your pc to start mining for free cryptocurrency.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

best crypto exchanges

We list the the most popular Crypto Exchanges. Great for beginners and experts alike, such as the no.1 exchange Binance has a user-friendly interface with maximum security. The user registration process with Binance is also quite fast and straightforward. Exchanges such as Binance also offer free promotions and free airdrops of crypto.

Latest Guides

Top list of ways to earn free crypto 2021

There are many ways of getting on the crypto ladder without having to risk your own money. This is why we made this website to show you all these ways of earning free crypto safely, this guide you are reading will go through some of the top ways to earn free crypto. We will also be discussing the effort that will be needed for the many different ways to get your rewards.

How to Buy?

View our walkthrough guides on how to buy cryptocurrency and trade on some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world including Binance and Coinmama. These guides are great for beginners and will walk you through the process from signing up to trading.

What is Cryptocurrency?

In short cryptocurrencies are electronic currencies. To better understand what a cryptocurrency is let’s take a look at what its not: Government controlled or Centralbank controlled, so it is in other words a complete separate system.

Wallets Guide?

Learn about cryptocurrency wallets and the different types of wallets available for you to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

Cryptocurrency Glossary?

Our cryptocurrency glossary includes the most frequently used terms and concepts related to cryptocurrency to make it easier for you to understand. sign up